Albert ” Bazooka” Tamm became an international star in 2019 – Interview

Albert Tamm från Estonia became a new discgolfstar in 2019 with some really good finishes in big events and with the entry of the “Bazooka”. Discgolfkanalen took a chat with the growing star.

For those who don know you. Who are Albert Tamm?

Well I am a 21 year old Estonian, who has been playing disc golf since 2014. Before that I played badminton for like 8 years and also did swimming for 4-5 years aswell.

What do you do beside playing discgolf?

Currently I am finishing off my studies at Tartu Health Care College on Physical Therapy. I am really into sports so active lifestyle through many different sports is my thing. I like playing basketball, volleyball, lifting weights and doing winter swimming.

You are called the Bazooka in the discgolfworld. How did you get that name?

I think this video tells you the story. Hole 9 is where the action goes down.

You live in Estonia where the discgolfscene is exploding? can you tell us something about this and why do you think the discgolf is growing so fast in Estonia?

I think many really good courses are situated around the city areas. Many people who are going for a regular walk can see flying frisbees in some of the public parks. Next time they wont go for just a walk. They grab some frisbees too.
And of course we have a lot really well run competitions for every skill level, so we have a chance to compete often and on different courses. Really good place for discgolf tourism!

2019 was a success for the Bazooka. Tell us about your 2019?

I had a really good preparation for the season, really managed to work on my form, physical and mental strenght in offseason. And it payed off, so I loved it! I made many new friends, got to experience and feel new things in life so there are good things to look back to.

Itś a new year (2020) and you have signed a new 3-year sponsordeal with Latitude 64. What does that mean to you?

Well, I will be checking out US scene more often now. I am really thrilled about that one. 2020 season I will be making 3 trips over the Ocean and 2021 even more. So… LETS GO!

I saw a picture of a signature Opto-X Recoil. Is this your new signature discs and why did you choose the Recoil?

Recoil is a 12 speed driver with a good amount of stability. I like the feel of it and also the flight is divine aswell. If you havent tried it out, then you should be checking out L64 website right now.

What other discs is your favorites?

Recently, I like the new L64 putter SPZ1 the most. Just a super straight putter. Love it for approches and upshots.

What do you do during the off-season?

I focus on learing new shots and improving my overall teqhnique. Physical training in gym is the main focus for sure – to be ready for a long season ahead.

When we look at 2020. Are we gonna see alot more of the Bazooka over the sea (America)?

This year a bit often, but not as long. I will be staying there longer from September.

2020 is also the year of a new European Discgolf Championship that will be held at the famous Konopiste Discgolfpark in Cezch Republic. Will you be there and what are your Thoughts?

I will be there for sure. I really loved the course so I am going to focus on my gameplan and Enjoy.

PDGA Europe has also started a “new” Eurotour for the season 2020. Do you think this could be a hit? Will you be at any of the events?

It could be a hit for sure, many US disc golfers are joining for some of the stages aswell.
I am trying to hit like 1-2 stages this year.

As Europeans there is always harder to get overseas. What do you think about that the Worlds always are in the states? When do you think that Europe will be the host for the Worlds?

I dont mind traveling to States. Especially when the locations are Changeing each year.
I think There will be a time for Europe to host its first World Championships for sure.

Do you have any specific Discgolfmemory you can share?

Well… I once hit a 160m ace. I remember seeing the disc only in the beginning of the flight and when it hit the chains. There was a bit of a sound delay too.

Five fast:

Top-3 courses

  • Nokia, Finland
  • Green Mountain, Fox Run
  • Kõrvemaa, Estonia

Top-3 Disc golf events?

  • European Open
  • USDGC and
  • GBO that I am super stoked to check out this year.

Best disc golf hole you played?

Mäetaguse 18.hole

Favorite discs in your bag?

Opto Mace

Favorite throw?

Back hand hyzer flip into a tunnel.

Big thanks to Albert for taking the time for this interview. Wish you the best in the upcoming season. See you!
//Best regards Discgolfkanalen

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