Nate Sextons life as touring father – Interview

Nate Sexton isn´t only the sexy part of a commentary duo. He´s also a father and veteran touring the world to play discgolf. We have talked with Nate and asked some questions about his life.

You are one of the long time touring pros in Discgolf. What has changed
over the years and how has discgolf evolved?

Everything about the game has grown, the tournaments, the field of players, and the competition. I think the sport itself has remained almost the same, just some small rule changes over the years. Overall, I think we are growing at a fantastic rate and a I hope to see (and help) it continue! 

Your life has also evolved into being a father? What do you think of
being a parent and how is it to be on the road with you family?

It was great to be on the road with my family, but that only lasted about a year. My wife is a doctor and she is currently in year one of her residency program. Now I have to travel alone to all my events via airplane so I can maximize the time I am home to care for my family here. 

How does a week look like as a touring pro?

For me it is quite different without all the driving most players do. I will fly in 3-4 days before a tournament and practice one round per day, then compete and record commentary with Jomez. I will fly home mid day on a Monday after recording the final round with Big Jerm. 

“Play the Sexton way” is to play pretty conservative. Do you think you
play conservative or how would you describe your play?

No not really conservative at all. I think to say I play conservative implies that if I wanted to I could throw over all the trees and reach the basket like Simon. I think I play about as aggressive as average on tour but I just use a different skill set. I throw lots of power rollers and try to get as many birdies as I can. 

Innova Team Captain. Why and what does that actually mean?

It is a honor to be the captain, I think I was offered the position because of my standing in the sport and my long tenure with Innova Discs being my only disc sponsor. It means that I am responsible for setting up some team functions, I act as a go between for our players and the team management, and I am involved in the roster building process each offseason.  

How will you look back at the season 2019?

Fun season! Great performance at Worlds (6th) and two international wins.  

Going into the season 2020. What are your hopes and what do you look forward to?

I hope to play my best disc golf, and I look forward to seeing all my friends again and creating more Hollywood magic with Jomez Pro!  

What do you think of going over the seas to play in Europe? Will you be
there in 2020?

Yes of course, I have come to Europe every year I have been able. I will be at the European Open for sure. 

Is there somewhere in Europe you want to play discgolf where you haven´t yet?

Yes! Everywhere really – Norway, Spain, UK, Germany – It is very difficult now with my wife working such long hours I can’t go to Europe for a month long trip so it is hard to make it to all these places. Perhaps in a few years!

Worlds in Europe? Thoughts about that?

It has to happen in Finland at some point! I would love to see it! 

Letś talk about the very famous Sexton Firebird. This has been a huge
success and one of the most known signature discs ever? Tell us about
this? bring us the history?

I have always loved throwing the Firebird, after my 2014 season I was offered the promotion onto Innova’s Star Team. I asked them to make a color glow firebird, not too flat, not too stiff, so that I could have the go to drive I need. You can always trust it, but it will still give you a little bit of glide before it starts to fade. I can’t thank the Sexton Firebird throwers enough, that disc has absolutely changed my life! 

You also have a newer signature disc called the Firefly. Why did this
happen and what can you say about it?

I got the 2nd tour series disc as part of my 3 year contract extension as team captain. I wanted to have a deeper putter with a tacky feel in the hand, but still stiff enough to push putt effectively. Innova came through with the perfect disc.  

How is it to be the Sexy part of the Jomez commentary duo BigSexy?
Another passion and something you want to do for a long time?

Yes it is really fun, I would love to do it for a long time. The only issue is the huge amount of travel required to live this lifestyle. I am not sure if I want to do that for 5 or 10 more years.  

A few years ago you toured with mr. McBeth. Something you learned from this time? What wise man words did Paul learned from you?

Yeah Paul and I toured together for a few years, it was great. We are good friends and I think we did very well together on the road, I can’t recall us getting into even one real argument for the whole 2.5 seasons. I learned a lot from him, how to travel full time, how to drive a huge RV, and how to prioritize practice time. I think he learned some things from me as well about how to manage risk, and how to make jokes.

Five fast:

Top-3 courses?

  • Whistler’s Bend
  • Milo McIver
  • Maple Hill 

Top-3 Disc golf events?

  • Whistler’s Bend Doubles
  • European Open
  • USDGC 

Best disc golf hole you played?

Too many! I can’t pick just one! 

Favorite discs in your bag?

Sexton Firebird, Star Destroyer, R-Pro Dart, Firefly 

Favorite throw?

Gotta be the Forehand Firebird! 

Big thanks to Nate for taking the time for this interview. Wish you the best in 2020.

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