Top-3 Disc Golf vlogs

The world of Disc Golf and the players are getting better and better to use social media and other media to reach out. Doing vlogs on Youtube will be more and more popular especially when we see some player having great success. Discgolfkanalen releases hereby our Top-3 Disc Golf Vlogs.

3. Eagle McMahon

Eagle takes the 3rd place on this list as he comes out with great content everytime he releases a new video. Too bad it´s not as often as he used to. So basically this 3rd place is a little bit on old merits. Hopes ha start to do more of this soon again.

2. Seppo Paju

Seppo makes a great vlog. He doesn´t have his own channel but the vlogs are released on Prodigy Discs youtube channel. Seppo usally releases one video each week with great content from training, reviews etc. Great quality.

1. Simon Lizotte

Simon has with a margin the best vlogs right now. Fantastic content with great quality. If you don´t follow this vlog it´s time to start. He recently also reached 40000 subscribers.

If you like the vlogs please subscribe to those cause that is gonna help the players in the long term.


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